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The File Room is an artist's project initiated by Muntadas, produced by Randolph Street Gallery in collaboration with the School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Chicago and the Department of Cultural Affairs - City of Chicago.

The File Room is made possible through the financial support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.

A large network of institutions and individuals have contributed to the development and production of The File Room. Some of them are listed below:

Paul Brenner - Project Director (Exhibitions Director, Randolph Street Gallery) Peter Taub - Project Adviser (Executive Director, Randolph Street Gallery) Inigo Manglano-Ovalle - University Liaison (School of Art and Design, UIC) Judith Russi Kirshner (Director, School of Art and Design, UIC) Maria Roussos - Production Coordinator (Electronic Visualization Lab, UIC) Dan Sandin - Systems Director (Director, Electronic Visualization Lab, UIC) Terry Franguiadakis - Technical Advisor (Electronic Visualization Lab, UIC) John Lawson - Hypertext Assistant (Electronic Visualization Lab, UIC) Jeff Mickey - Hypertext Assistant (Electronic Visualization Lab, UIC) Ed Maldonado - Installation Coordinator (Associate Curator, Chicago Cultural Center) Gregory Knight (Curator, Chicago Cultural Center) Lanny Silverman (Assistant Curator, Chicago Cultural Center) Greg Lunsford (Installation, Chicago Cultural Center) Elisabeth Subrin - Research Coordinator Bob Check - Macintosh Consultant (Chicago Computer Center) Matt Sterling - Networking Consultant (Oak Brook Computer Center) Paul Hertz - Internet Consultant (Academic Computing and Networking Systems, Northwestern Univ.) Kelly Adams - Chief Researcher Brett Douglas - Researcher, Production Assistant Kiki Haralambides - Researcher Maria Fischinger - Research Assistant Maria Gonzalez - Image Researcher Gaetane Verna - Researcher (Paris) Katja Graisse - Researcher (Paris) Rachel Weiss - Publication Editor Robert Atkins - Essayist Herbert Schiller - Essayist Carol Becker - Essayist Todd Merrell - Sound Assistant Maya Salvador Ferrer - Researcher (Paris) Shelly E. Peck - Image Researcher Rob Knijn - Researcher (Amsterdam) Corey McCorkle - Residency Assistant (School of Art and Design, UIC) Caroline Butler-Bowden - Researcher (Univ. of Western Sydney, Nepean) Louis Hock - Contributor Steve Seid - Contributor (Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley) Marc Vernet (Biblioteque de L'image, Filmateque, Paris) Pascal Ory (Centre d'Histoire Culturelle de l'Europe Moderne) Jerome Bourdon - (Institut National de L'Audiovisuel) Marika Bret Nougaret - Contributor (Paris) Ana Seoane - Contributor (Paris) Valentin Roma - Contributor (Barcelona, Spain) Leon Ferrari - Contributor (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Joe Baptista - Contact name contributor Bill Paige - Contributor Caterina Borelli - Contributor Tony Katsigiannis (Free Speech Committee, Sydney) Scott Gillette - Installation Fabrication Brennan McGaffey - Installation Sue Petzel - Installation Gordon Hughes - Installation Karen Indek (Gallery 400, UIC) Kate Horsfield (Director, Video Data Bank) Judith Krug (American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom) Jill Bond and Jennifer Hutchins (Art Save/People for the American Way) Marjorie Heins (American Civil Liberties Union) Carl Kadie - Contributor Alain Cazes (Centre Nationale des Arts et Metiers,Groupe Diapason, Paris) Tjebbe van Tijen- Contributor (Institute of Social History, Amsterdam) The Staff of Randolph Street Gallery The Staff of the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Chicago The Staff of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois/Chicago The Staff of the Interactive Computing Environments Lab (ICE),University of Illinois/Chicago Marie Shurkus - Residency Coordinator (School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Visiting Artists Program) Arlene Rakoncay (Director, Chicago Artists Coalition) Jeff Abell (Chicago Artists Coalition) Barney de Krijger (Archief Den Haag, Netherlands) Diane Grams (Director, The Peace Museum) Rene Chesters (Northwestern University Academic Computing and Networking Services) Jim Cortez (American Office Furniture) John Heaney (Alternative Office Interiors) Sara Diamond (Director Media Arts, the Banff Centre for the Arts) Colin Funk (former Coordinator, New Media Research, Banff Centre for the Arts) Bob Foley (Banff Centre ) Douglas MacLeod (Banff Centre for the Arts) Jeff Mann (former Networking Coordinator, Banff Centre for the Arts) Eugeni Bonet - Contributor (Barcelona) Georgina Cisquella - Contributor (Madrid) Antoni Mercader - Contributor (Barcelona) Agusti H. Giner Arxiu Historic de la Ciutat Arxiu Art Contemporani Cirici Pellicer, Centre d'Art Santa Monica Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Servicio de Publicaciones Asociacion de Cine-Clubs de Catalunya Fondo de publicaciones del Archivo Municipal de Sabadell The National Campaign for Freedom of Expression Human Rights Watch/Fund for Free Expression The developers of Mosaic at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois and in particular Thomas Redman from the Macintosh Mosaic team Randolph Street Gallery Staff ----------------------------- Paul Brenner, Exhibitions Director Joan Dickinson, Time Arts Director Sylvia DuChateau, Communications Director Lyman Flook, Time Arts Production Manager Michael Gallagher, Business Director Giselle Mercier, Education Coordinator Peter Taub, Executive Director Ken Thompson, P-Form Managing Editor/Office Manager Randolph Street Gallery Board of Directors ------------------------------------------ Lynne Brown, President Ellen Haddigan Justine Jentes Mary Murphy Mike Nathenson Joan O'Donnell Matthew Owens Jane Smith Ted Stux Peter Taub Hamza Walker Jim Winters Randolph Street Gallery 756 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 USA Phone: 312.666.7737 Fax: 312.666.8986 e-mail: RSG is supported in part by our Friends, Members and grants from public and private agencies including: The National Endowment for the Arts, The Illinois Arts Council (a state agency), The Department of Cultural Affairs - City of Chicago, The Chicago Community Trust, The Joyce Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Polk Bros. Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, Sara Lee Foundation, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and The Woods Charitable Trust. RSG is a member of the National Association of Artists Organizations.
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